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CHUNKY is a textmode font ideal for create artwork on a grid, with more than 300 chars to satisfy everyone's imagination!

- 8x8 chars
- pixel font
- 366 chars

- Bitmap file

Free with attribution for commercial and non-commercial. Redistributing the font as an asset is prohibited.
This product may not be used to create blockchain content, including all forms of crypto and NFTs. More detail available inside the license.txt.

I'm really curious to see what you will create using CHUNKY, so feel free to show me your work on Twitter!

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TagsFonts, textmode


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Phenomenal work, especially on the many lil' creatures & objects, congrats!

The license looks similar to the one used in Polyducks' FROGBLOCK, so I'll ask the question here too: Is it alright to convert the TTF font file to other formats?

I'd be particularly interested in WOFF and WOFF2 conversions, since that'd reduce the size of the font by quite a bit (~an order of magnitude). Of course, it'd be even better if you could include the other formats as official downloads! Including the three formats (TTF, WOFF, WOFF2) should be a pretty happy medium for web usage.


Oh, and actually, after looking at the font itself, would it be possible to have the graphical characters be mapped? There's also some variance in the size of glyphs at the moment. To illustrate, here's a screenshot of me using the TTF to render the characters mapped in FROGBLOCK:

If you'd like, I can help with the font. It's an awesome character set, and it'd be nice to have a robust font to utilize it directly.


Hi bearror!
First of all thanks! I'm glad you like the fonts!

With Polyducks's explanations I've uploaded the WOFF, WOFF2 formats. Let me know if you encounter any errors with those.

Thanks so much for the support, I hope to make many more fonts soon!


Howdy! Thanks for the quick reply.

I hope you don't mind, but I took the liberty of creating a proposal for the character mappings, along with some spacing & path cleanup. I tried to make sure to preserve all of the font meta data with regards to the author, license, and such. Here's a link to a demo - I don't think you can extract the font files from it, but I'd be happy to send them over if you have some preferred private channel for that. (My intent here isn't to publicly distribute a bootleg!)

I thought to map the initial 256 characters to extended ASCII as is done in the FROGBLOCK font. From there the remaining 112 characters were mapped to the first free Unicode block "Latin Extended-A". Not sure if that's the best approach, but it seems reasonable IMO. All of the mappings are...


If you're interested in the process I used, it's really quite crude and manual - but gets pretty good results.

  1. Map the image to the characters with https://yal.cc/r/20/pixelfont/
  2. Edit the font settings with https://www.glyphrstudio.com, making sure to preview the font.

Hi bearror, sorry for the wait, I confess that I am more practical in drawing than in converting files 😅 
So yes, I would be very happy if you sent me the character mapping file, you can send it to my mail samfeula@gmail.com

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Right- Expect an email with a title of "CHUNKY Mappings". :)

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this is honestly kinda cool

Thanks! I hope it will help many people to enter the world of textmode


Oh shit it's sexy... 😳
Looking forward to putting this one to use whenever I'll have time for a game jam again!

Oh I'm really glad you like it! I can't wait to see what you will do with it 🤯👌


This is simply AMAZING!

Thanks! I'm really glad you like it!